Case Studies

Case Studies


Patterson Pope

Developing a brand for the long-haul.

When we started working with Patterson Pope, they were a company that sold a little bit of everything, had great customer service and wasn’t quite sure how to explain what they did. This meant that sales were being lost. There were literally customers that loved working with Patterson Pope, but would buy a product from someone else because they didn’t know they could get it from the people they loved.

In the ten years that we have worked with them they have expanded (through growth and acquisition) from three states to nine.

  • New brand, identity and positioning based on ‘Space Made Simple.’
  • Brand relaunch, training, elevator speeches, sales stories.
  • 5+ years of Ptubes, humorous and informative videos that make it easier for salespeople to open and maintain relationships.


Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

Creative and messaging strategy in a highly complicated and regulated field.

Although it might not seem like it, Pipe is complicated. We took a cross-functional team of 12 people through a comprehensive discovery and messaging strategy process. The goal was to reduce or reverse the trend of downspecing cast iron soil pipe to PVC in commercial construction.

We identified new targets, developed new ways to reach them and  new messages to persuade them. Then we conducted interviews and did small scale tests to determine which avenues would be most effective. We provided complete messaging strategy and execution in a highly complicated and regulated field.


AAA Car Care

Solving the strategic problem so we could deliver the creative execution

AAA Carolinas is a pioneer in car club owned maintenance centers. Pioneers reap rewards, but they also catch arrows. While they had grown to ~25 locations throughout North and South Carolina, they were having problems sustaining business without promotional efforts. Strangest of all, AAA members, even those who lived closest, were staying away.

We conducted a full competitive and communication audit, did customer research and carved out a position that only AAA Car Care could own: Trust. Along the way, we uncovered the inefficiencies with their direct mail and member communications efforts. Then we created one of the most powerful campaigns they have ever done, “We Love Your Car.”


Adams Outdoor Advertising

Helping them become the change they wanted to see. 

The largest privately held Outdoor Company needed to develop what they referred as a ‘Mission Vision Values’ Statement. What that meant was a completely new brand and internal and external communications strategy. To do this required changing the culture of a national company with many decentralized offices. The reward for pulling this off was capitalizing on the changing media landscape and growing importance of Out-of-Home.

We not only uncovered and articulated the best of what Adams’ was and wanted to be, but created a whole new website, rollout events and supported the brand with ongoing creative, coaching and strategic messaging. It all started with powerful little handbook entitled, “We must become the change we want to see.”




Talent development and strategic communications.

Amazon’s strategic process is writing. No major project is undertaken without a special narrative, known as a six-pager, being written. Once developed, this document is reviewed by senior management in a grueling meeting. The first 20 minutes of that meeting involves the executive sitting quietly while the likes of Jeff Bezos reads their six-pager.

This makes a lack of writing skill a career limiting factor at Amazon. We were brought in to gather Amazon’s best practices and add the best of Patrick’s good words (right order) teaching and coaching methods to them.

  • Trained their trainers in a two-day class and with ongoing coaching/editing.
  • Prepared resources and a guide to writing coaching that is used throughout the organization.
  • Interviewed some of the most skilled six-page authors at Amazon and wrote a guide to writing at Amazon that
  • Participated in the development of guidelines for evaluating the writing of potential hires.

CPI Security

It seems that home security systems have always been sold on the basis of fear. This pile-on, me-too sales and marketing strategy leads to communications and brands that interchangeable. This brand fungibility is okay for national players with money to burn on traditional media campaigns. For a rapidly growing, privately held regional company for whom cash flow is always an issue, this approach simply wasn’t working. We found a humorous way to attract customers that explained the truth that hides behind crime statistics and anecdotes.

  • Took them through a comprehensive branding and delivery process
  • Extensive customer insight research
  • Communication Strategy Development
  • Wrote and Produced television/web spots
  • Create a series of informative and entertaining videos that educates consumers on every feature and benefit of CPI’s security systems without scaring them.

Interact Authentically

Creating a new way to talk about a transformative service.

Interact Authentically provides a powerful and unique way for executives to develop their speaking and presenting skills. It’s authentic, tailored approach is unlike any public speaking training available. Unfortunately, articulating this difference quickly and effectively was a problem. From the website to course materials to  content strategy, we helped solve the problem.

  • Developed a new way to talk about storytelling, public speaking and presenting.
  • Coached the president through writing two books.
  • Articles from the work we’ve done have been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company and more.
  • Interact has grown from a one-woman shop to a six-person team with multiple Fortune 100 clients.